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25th May 2023

We’ve noticed that a variety of different clients are choosing to advertise on pharmacy bags for similar reasons. These include;

Targeted Audience: Pharmacy bags are placed directly into the hands of people collecting prescriptions or purchasing medications. Regular visitors to pharmacies include the elderly, those with long term health conditions and of course, their carers. Advertising on Pharmacy Bags reaches an audience who’s mind is on their health and who are more likely to be in need of the support services available.

Relevance: By advertising on pharmacy bags, clients can convey sensitive messages at an appropriate time. The timing of the message increases the likelihood of engagement. This is mutually beneficial, as the pharmacist demonstrates their commitment to community health, and the advertiser gains increased visibility and awareness.

Community Engagement: Pharmacies play a vital role in local communities, serving as a hub for health-related information and support. By partnering with pharmacies and advertising on their bags, clients can engage with the community at a grassroots level. This approach helps foster connections with people who would benefit from the support and resources they provide.

For any organisation offering health related services, Pharmacy Bags provide a targeted, cost effective way of engaging with those most likely to need them. To find out more visit

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