Impacting Everyday Moments

Established in 2004, Tabletalk is an ambient media specialist in the OOH sector with a diverse array of everyday spaces positioned across the daily journey where we help brands connect with consumers in creative ways.  With more retail OOH advertising locations than any other contractor in the UK, our ambient media opportunities allow advertisers to reach into everyday environments like Coffee Shops and Cafés, Student Unions, Offices, Pharmacies, Pubs and Takeaways, all spaces consumers actively spend time during the day.  Our formats are disruptive, tactile and personal, allowing advertisers to impact everyday moments and capitalise on daily dwell time.

Coffee Shop advertising allows brands to reach SME’s utilising the café space to take a break or get work done on the move.  Coffee Shops often act as alternative office space for entrepreneurs and start-ups too as they offer the perfect combination of coffee, cake and connectivity.  Venture outside the city centre and into affluent suburbs and Coffee Shops cater primarily to an audience of stay-at-home mums and families using the café space to entertain the kids.  Our coverage extends across the UK offering campaigns on a local, regional or national scale.

Greasy Spoon Cafés allow advertisers to reach tradesmen, builders and van drivers in need of a working man’s café that opens early and serves hot food all day.  With tradesmen renowned for being constantly on the move, this offers a cost effective and impactful way for interested brands to disrupt the everyday journey of tradesmen on the go.  We have a network of cafés that extends across the country and regularly run local store support campaigns, as well as campaigns with national or regional targeting.

Pharmacy advertising is an excellent way for brands to target an older demographic.  As we age our bodies naturally require more maintenance and upkeep from general wear and tear so it makes sense that Pharmacies form a regular part of the everyday journey for those aged 50+.  Since the message is timed when consumers have their minds on health, advertising in Pharmacies is also ideal for brands looking to raise awareness about specific health issues, as well as pharmaceutical brands wanting to drive consideration and sales uplift for products sold over the counter in-store.

Advertising in the Student Union at Universities is a great way to reach groups of students socialising or studying together on campus.  We offer advertising in over 60 UK Universities, including a number of Russell Group Top 20 unis.  Advertisers interested in reaching students can run campaigns across single or multiple sites, or choose to run university campaigns on a national scale.

For advertisers looking to reach a Corporate B2B audience, Offices offer the perfect opportunity for relevant brands to reach a captive audience of office workers in a business frame of mind.  Our Office advertising opportunity is a simple, effective way to inspire conversation in the workplace.

Advertising in Pubs allows brands to capitalise on the great British watering hole, a national institution that forms part of many an adult’s social calendar, whether it’s a quick pint on the way home at the end of a busy working day, meeting up with mates to watch sport on live screen TV’s, or simply catching up with friends and family on evenings or weekends.

Takeaway advertising is a fun, inventive way for brands to deliver messages directly into people’s homes where they might be involved in relevant activity such as watching films or DVDs, using broadband, shopping online etc.