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27th Jun 2022

Age Cymru tasked us with running a campaign that targeted both patients and health care professionals for their Dementia Advocacy Project.

By delivering their message to both pharmacists and pharmacy customers, Tabletalk provide the opportunity for conversations to take place around this difficult condition.

Patients collecting their medication from pharmacies received them in an Age Cymru branded Pharmacy Bag, informing them of the work done by the project.

Whilst pharmacists, who give the branded bags to customers, also received a letter explain the campaign and a branded notebook titled ‘Pethau i’w cofio / Things to remember’.

These handy branded reminders, used throughout the month of the campaign, give an open introduction for patients to ask any questions around dementia, and keep the charity at the forefront of pharmacists minds when signposting services to help, be it for the patient or a family member.

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