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25th Feb 2014

The last few years have been difficult for graduates looking to enter the job market as the economy has forced a lot of companies to reduce their recruitment spend.  Less places means higher demand and the competition to land a role straight out of university is fierce.

Aldi is renowned for their excellent graduate scheme where successful applicants start on £41k with a fully expensed Audi A4 – pretty decent incentive for anyone looking to land a job in retail fresh out of university.  Understandably Aldi are only after the cream of the crop, graduates that stand out, push boundaries and have the inner drive and mindset to overcome any challenge.

The Aldi brand is all about setting trends and leading the way so it’s no surprise that they have just gone live with an NFC tablewrap campaign in 9 of their key universities.  Traditionally a brand found in areas of study, it’s the first time Aldi have ventured into student unions but are utilising tablewrap’s extended dwell time and strong connection with mobile to encourage graduates up for a challenge to apply.

The majority of smartphones on the market today are NFC-enabled and the technology offers a quick, easy way for mobile users to access content online through a simple tap.  Aldi recognise that students are notoriously tech-savvy and incorporating NFC into the campaign not only provides quick access to content, but it positions the brand itself as innovative and cutting edge.

The campaign was planned by McCann Manchester and booked by Rapport Worldwide.

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