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14th Oct 2016

In order to ensure that businesses continue to have the competitive edge when it comes to the big ideas, the best strategies and the most advanced solutions their industry has to offer, it is becoming more and more vital to attract the best talent.  And let’s face it, with so many companies operating in the UK market, university graduates today have a wealth of options to choose from.  From the day students hit campus they are inundated with messages from recruiters, all vying for their attention and hoping that they have planted enough of a seed in the minds of the cream of the crop to ensure that come graduation they secure their application.

Aldi is renowned for its Graduate Business Scheme.  No other graduate program offers such a high level of responsibility so quickly.  But it’s the perks that help make it stand out from the crowd.  The starting salary of an Aldi Graduate Area Manager is £42k which rises to a whopping £72k after just 4 years in the role.  Plus there is a fully expensed Audi A4.  And if you’re successful, Aldi may even suggest an international secondment to the US or Australia giving graduates an opportunity to travel the world.  It really does sound like a dream come true, but it’s a job that requires incredibly hard work, high energy and absolute dedication.  So Aldi is naturally after the best of the best.  

To ensure that Aldi gets their message front of mind on campus, for the last 3 consecutive years Aldi has advertised their Graduate Business Scheme on Tablewraps in Student Unions at a selection of their key Universities across the UK.  Not only does the format allow Aldi to dominate a relevant Food and Beverage environment that aligns with the brand, it also ensures that students are reached en masse.  90% of students visit the student union at least once a week.  Taking ownership of a major student hub like this on campus means that the Aldi message is placed front of mind with students from the minute they start their course in first year and reinforced each and every year beyond that until they graduate.  The effect is subliminal.  

And there are other benefits beyond making a bold statement that a format like Tablewrap offers.  Students are seated around the table for an average 20 minutes, often in groups either studying or socialising together.  The Tablewrap message is a prompt to inspire conversation around the brand.  Mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops naturally sit on the table in direct proximity to the message too so it’s an excellent way for Aldi to drive immediate response online.  And if that’s not enough, Aldi also integrate NFC tags for tech savvy students to tap direct to their recruitment content online.  It’s fantastic to see Aldi dominating University Student Unions with Tablewrap for yet another year and easy to see why Aldi ranks 2nd in The Times Top 100 list of Graduate Recruiters.


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