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10th Oct 2014

Despite one of the most challenging periods in retail, Aldi is the fastest growing supermarket in the UK – 500 stores and counting.  Perhaps a testament to the brand’s fearless attitude towards innovation, Aldi prides itself on being different and standing out from the crowd.  The business has won awards galore, but over and above their steadily increasing market share, Aldi is renowned as one of the best companies to work for in the UK.  Its graduate scheme is renowned.  In fact, The Times Top 100 ranks Aldi as the 4th best graduate employer in the country.

In keeping with Aldi’s position at the forefront of retail, when it comes to graduates they are after the cream of the crop, those that stand out and aren’t afraid to push boundaries to succeed.  It makes perfect sense then that Aldi would invest in a unique format to drive their recruitment message on campus.  In fact, they have done this not once, but twice this year!

To follow up an initial test in February, Aldi have rolled out a national tablewrap campaign across 12 of their key top tier universities.  The campaign includes NFC technology allowing students with Smartphones (other than Apple) to access content with a simple tap.  Since 95% of students visit the union at least once a week, it makes sense that Aldi is positioned in the social epicentre on campus, encouraging the bold and the brave to engage with the brand and invest in their future.

The campaign was planned and booked by McCann Manchester and Rapport Worldwide.

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