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19th Sep 2018

As a proactive, dynamic international animal rights organisation, the Animal Justice Project understands the importance of making an impact on mindset early on in order to drive positive change.

Since university students are actively engaged in education and at a time in their lives when they are most open to persuasion and putting their passion behind a lifelong cause, it makes perfect sense that the Animal Justice Project would invest in a high impact advertising format on campus to drive home their Lifeline campaign.

With University Tablewraps in Student Unions, the message is placed at the centre of conversation where groups of students are naturally gathered around the table studying or relaxing between classes. It’s the ideal moment to prompt a healthy debate and pose the question, ‘Where do you draw the line?’ when it comes to animal rights.

Interested students are able to immediately engage online for more information via with mobile devices naturally on the table in direct proximity to the message. Perfect placement, tactical and timely targeting make for an excellent piece of marketing to a relevant student audience by the Animal Justice Project.

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Animal Justice Lifeline Campaign Tablewrap Advertising