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18th Jun 2014

Coffee Shops are booming.  In fact, we spent £730m on coffee in the UK last year.  Coffee is by far the most popular drink worldwide, but when it comes to explaining how the coffee market has gone into hyper-drive and continued to grow despite a tough economy, a lot has to be said for the increasing trend in working on-the-go.  Technology means that we now have access to content anytime, anywhere, 24 /7.

The fact that many Coffee Shops now offer free wifi to customers and the environment lends itself perfectly to work, with the right blend of uncapped table time, social buzz to keep the creative juices flowing, easy access to food and drink, means that Coffee Shops have entered into a particularly vital zone, that third space between home and office.  Whether it’s chill time, catch up time or work away from the office time, Coffee Shops fit the bill on all counts.

That is precisely why we’ve seen a distinct increase in the number of brands looking to reach a notoriously elusive SME audience in our network of Coffee Shops recently.  The latest to take advantage of this versatile and impactful space is AXA promoting their healthcare and business insurance for SMEs.  The campaign is live from mid-June for 4 weeks and AXA are using Tablewrap across 60 Coffee Shops nationwide in a bid to influence decision makers in their 20 minute daily down time.  What better way to start a conversation than put your message on the table?

The campaign was planned by Havas Media and booked through Posterscope.

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