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23rd Oct 2019

Babylon Healthcare is running an advertising campaign on Tablewraps in University Student Unions informing students there is a new tech solution that will change the way they access their GP appointments.

The Babylon GP at Hand app allows you to book a consultation with an NHS doctor, at any time that you want and wherever you are, for free. Let the GP come to you! All you have to is download the app, specify what you need to discuss, then book in either a video or an audio call. The doctor will call you back at the specified time and will also organise prescriptions for you to be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

Imagine having access to a GP at your fingertips 24 hours a day! Plus the added benefit of a virtual consultation which is so much easier than registering with a new GP. Many students stay registered with their GP back home and have to travel back for appointments, having to attend the practice in person at a time convenient to the GP not them!

Babylon’s branded Tablewrap campaign is strategically targeting tech savvy, time poor students when they naturally have their gadgets like mobiles and tablets out on the tables and have free access to WiFi providing ease engagement with the app.

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