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14th Feb 2014

We take great pride in our relationships at Tabletalk, whether it’s bringing new clients on board or building and maintaining our existing client base, keeping our network ship shape and generally spreading the Tabletalk gospel.  We believe in the media we offer and we go out of our way to deliver the best campaigns possible for our clients.  Which is why it’s incredibly satisfying when happy clients come back.

This month we have 2 returning clients.  The first is London City Airport using sandwich bags in proximity to Jubilee line stations, a campaign which has happened not once, not twice but on 4 different occasions now getting their message into the hands of notoriously busy ABC1 city office workers.

The second is PwC, a powerhouse in the financial sector, who are using tablewrap in university student unions for the 2nd time in a bid to recruit the cream of the crop in their key universities by taking advantage of the long dwell time and putting their message in the centre of conversation.

Great to have these clients back with a vengeance!

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