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17th Feb 2016

2015 proved a turbulent year for the financial markets worldwide. Changes in China’s regulation of capital markets caused a mass sell-off globally, the price of oil has been on a slippery slide and continues to confound experts, while the US Federal Reserve first refused to raise interest rates only to back down a few months later in response to market pressure.  The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) industry has benefited hugely from all this volatility though.  The Canadian industry in particular had a record-breaking year in 2015 with double the assets under management than just 5 years ago.  The European market wasn’t far behind surpassing 2014 by a whopping 35%.  What all this means is that ETFs are proving to be an effective trading tool for positioning portfolios and combating the current market concerns.

With such an historic year for Canadian ETFs, it’s no wonder that BMO are looking to capitalise on the skyrocketing growth by tapping into the UK market. From Monday 15th February, BMO are targeting city traders in London’s financial district through a combination of branded Coffee Cups and Sandwich Bags.  This way they deliver the BMO message directly into the hands of busy city workers on the go, immersing the BMO brand into the everyday journey and bringing Canadian ETFs front of mind with time poor global asset managers looking for an effective way to trade.

The campaign was planned and booked by OMD and Talon Outdoor.

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