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4th Jan 2024

The new series of The Traitors has landed on BBC One and iPLAYER and we’re promoting it on Beer Mats in pubs across the country. 

One of the biggest TV hits of last year, the new series will once again feature 22 people locked up in a Scottish castle vying to win the £120K prize by working out who the “traitors” are among the “faithful”. The drama of the show lies in the small betrayals and suspicions among the group as they are forced to nominate who they believe to be a traitor in a daily round table eviction meeting. 

It’s this open, public accusation and the gossiping among the contestants aiming to identify the traitors which creates synergy with the pub environment. Pubs are integral to British culture, serving as social hubs where people gather for camaraderie and are notorious rumour mills where judgement on people’s character is freely aired among friends. Word-of-mouth promotion, which is potent in social settings like pubs, can further amplify the buzz around the show as patrons discuss and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. 

This method also fosters a sense of exclusivity and discovery. When encountering “The Traitors” on beer mats, individuals may feel they’ve stumbled upon something special, creating a personal connection to the series. By meeting viewers where they are and integrating seamlessly into their social experiences, the BBC has not only expanded the reach of their series but also established a unique and memorable connection with their audience. 

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