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21st Sep 2023

In today’s digital age, where streaming platforms are vying for our attention, traditional media outlets must get creative to stay relevant. The BBC, renowned for its high-quality content, has found an ingenious way to draw sports enthusiasts back into their fold, by advertising on beer mats in pubs.

It’s all about reaching the audience where they are. Pubs are an ideal environment for sports fans to gather to cheer on their favourite teams, so it’s a smart way to generate awareness. As patrons enjoy their pints, their eyes naturally fall on the beer mats beneath their glasses, which act as a conversation starter, sparking intrigue and encouraging people to explore what BBC Sounds has to offer.

It’s an excellent example of the BBC adapting to modern habits. Many individuals are dual screening on their smartphones when watching sports at the pub. By promoting its sports content in a physical form like beer mats, the BBC bridges the gap between the real and digital worlds, encouraging patrons to check out their sports-related podcasts, live broadcasts, and more on BBC Sounds.

By meeting sports fans where they naturally congregate and sparking curiosity, the BBC know that their sports content is heard loud and clear.

Cheers to creative marketing!

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