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13th Jun 2018

It’s official, ex US President Bill Clinton has written his first novel. The intrigue is delivered in monumentally awesome fashion through a collaboration with all-time favourite crime writer, James Patterson – a writer who has sold a whopping 375 million copies of his books across the globe. The President is Missing has a plot to satisfy the most eager of crime fans in search of a juicy political twist. Published by Penguin – Bill Clinton’s first novel has also been released as an audiobook and the title is being advertised to coffee consumers in London on branded takeaway coffee cups.

Publishers like Penguin are creating and distributing their own speech-based content in order to engage with a wider audience and tap into growing trends such as podcasts. Audiobooks are an ideal solution for the book sector, particularly in a climate where consumers are time poor and looking for an option that allows them to juggle all the demands of a busy lifestyle. 42% of people surveyed by Ofcom who listen to podcasts say that they are listening to podcasts more often and 33% of those who listen to audiobooks say they are listening more often, so it’s a trend that continues to grow.

Audiobook audiences tend to be younger, male, urban and more diverse than the traditional book buying audience. They are certainly more tech savvy and time conscious. Audiobooks are a convenient way to fit books into a busy lifestyle – listening on the everyday commute to and from work, working out at the gym, out and about, or simply at home whilst doing the usual household tasks.

What better way for Penguin to reach an audiobook audience than via branded coffee cups targeted in key coffee hotspots across London where the message is delivered directly into the hands of coffee consumers on the go. We’re often grabbing our favourite takeaway coffee on the way into the office whilst listening to the latest tunes on our iPhone – shutting out the world whilst we escape the daily humdrum. Whether it’s an audiobook or our favourite playlist, our ability to tune in and out allows us the space to relax and focus.

*Source: The UK Communications Report: Radio and Audio, Ofcom, 2017.

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Bill Clinton Audiobook Coffee Cup Advertising