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24th May 2013

In October last year, Bloomberg raised eyebrows with a coffee sleeve campaign promoting their weekly mag, Businessweek that played on their unique personality as a business.  Their ‘Powerful’ creative took advantage of people’s natural inclination to engage visually by presenting a pile of what looked like dodgy white powder, only to find an intriguing explanation.  It turned out to be guar gum, a natural starch used in everything from fracking fluids to ice cream and cat food.  If you’re asking what on earth this has to do with Bloomberg, the answer is simple: globalisation is sending demand for this humble powder sky high!

Bloomberg were so pleased with their first campaign that they decided to run further activity for 4 weeks in May.  They targeted 20 premium London coffee shops where all of us business types hang out when in need of a break from the office, with 100,000 coffee sleeves and weekly magazine samples that customers could pick up and take home for a good read.

Staying true to form, Bloomberg went with creative that would get tongues wagging, literally.  Yes, I do mean they put a tongue on a coffee sleeve!  Why you ask?  Well it’s ‘Visionary’ of course – a US company is actually developing a lollipop-like device to help blind people “see” using electrical impulses on their tongues.  I bet you’re letting out a massive sigh of relief, no you’re not going bonkers and it does actually make sense eventually!  Even so, Bloomberg have to be saluted for their ballsy ability to push creative boundaries, all in the name of engaging the likes of you and me.

Both of the Bloomberg Businessweek campaigns were booked through Media Agency Group-

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