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11th Aug 2015

Pharmacies are an environment where consumers are naturally in a health frame of mind and actively seeking advice.  This offers a unique opportunity for brands to capitalise on that mindset and deliver their health-related message at the right time and in the right place.

Pharmacists package all medication in a branded bag and this is handed straight into the hands of the customer, where the majority of these bags are taken home and reused time and again.  It also gives consumers an opportunity to revisit the message and mull over it at home in their own time, investigate offers online and discuss it with friends or family.

BMI Healthcare has identified Pharmacies as the ideal space to promote their private healthcare opportunities.  Targeting affluent areas in proximity to their hospitals, BMI have run a number of campaigns with us recently.  In May last year, BMI targeted affluent areas in North London with a campaign across 76 Pharmacies.  In 2015, we have had two campaigns, the first in July to support The Alexandra Hospital with Pharmacies across South Manchester and North Cheshire, as well as a second throughout August to support The Park Hospital with Pharmacies in affluent areas in Nottingham.  There is another planned in September too!

The media is planned and booked by HPS Group and Posterscope.

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