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12th Apr 2017

Dogs really are man’s best friend.  So it makes perfect sense that we do right by our furry friends when we need a helping paw from time to time.  Not all of us can afford dog walkers, kennels or fancy doggy hotels.  And there are only so many times we can call on family and friends to dog sit our bundles of woof.  Whether we’re leaving the dog on its own for hours on end whilst we’re at work, heading off on holiday or simply unable to give our pad-footed pals the love and attention they deserve, many dog owners would much prefer that their rabble rousers were being looked after by fellow dog lovers happy to share the care.  

That’s where Borrow My Doggy steps in – a genius idea where dog owners and dog borrowers are connected through an online community where users can set up a profile to search local members and doggies for free, or choose premium membership which opens up a wealth of benefits.  The benefits range from unlimited messaging, to address and phone verification, insurance, 24/7 vet care and a 3 month money back guarantee.  It’s such a genius idea that there over 600,000 members across the UK and Ireland and growing by the minute.  Not only does Borrow My Doggy offer a way for dog owners to help share the care of their pets and ensure that they are loved, walked and entertained to their heart’s content, it’s also a fantastic way for dog lovers to meet like minded people and make new friends, instantly starting everyone off on just the right paw.

Borrow My Doggy is not just for dog owners to find a dog walker or a sitter, it’s also a great way for dog lovers who live in small flats, or in rented accommodation that doesn’t allow pets, to still be able to spend quality time with a pooch without breaking the rules. It’s also a great way for the elderly to get some company or for parents with young children to introduce them to dogs before making the huge commitment of owning one. Dog lovers of all descriptions can really benefit from this ingenious site.

In what has to be the cutest campaign ever at Tabletalk, Borrow My Doggy has launched a campaign in Coffee Shops across London, Manchester and Edinburgh to promote the online community and all its wonderful doggie benefits to dog owners and dog lovers alike.  Advertising on takeaway Coffee Cups, the campaign has made use of fantastic creative which is bound to literally melt hearts.  

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