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14th Jun 2017

When we register for doctors and dentists, it’s generally near to where we live.  This might make sense when we’re feeling ill and in need of help that’s close to home, but for a routine dental appointment it’s often not as convenient as we think.  It’s nigh on impossible to get the first or the last appointment of the day and after hours appointments are like hen’s teeth, not to mention the fact it puts paid to any plans of a social life that night.  We find ourselves waiting weeks on end or impatiently checking our phone in anticipation of a call from the surgery to say there’s been a cancellation and they can squeeze us in.  If that call ever comes, it’s a case of dropping everything to make it happen.  

With high pressure jobs and deadlines that wait for nobody, our dental health often gets pushed back so that we can get our higher priorities sorted first.  In fact, for many of us the last visit we had with a dentist is likely to be a figment of our imagination it was so long ago.  We will do everything in our power to put off the inevitable, just to avoid the hassle.  And when the pain becomes unbearable and we’ve no choice but to book that emergency appointment, it means dropping everything to fit in with the only time available.  And trekking all the way back home for the pleasure.  In fact, the trek and the unplanned time away from work ends up just as painful, if not more so than the dental issue.

BUPA understand the frustration.  They get how time poor professionals are and that convenience is the name of the game when it comes to offering a service that is a cut above the rest.  That’s why BUPA’s private dental clinics came into being.  They offer city workers a hassle free experience with access to quick appointments in convenient locations near the office so you can pop out during the day without worrying about trekking all the way home and losing out on that precious productive work time.  But most importantly it’s private healthcare offering a premium level of care giving you peace of mind to match.  

BUPA’s coffee cup advertising campaign not only offers city professionals a clever solution to their dental health hassles, it’s also a fantastic example of tactical media.  Coffee is renowned for its gorgeous exotic aroma and its notoriously addictive feel good pick-me-up effects, but one of the negative impacts is the impact it has on our teeth.  To deliver a message about BUPA dental healthcare on a coffee cup is clever timing as people will naturally be inclined to think about the effects drinking coffee will have on their teeth.  We’re always in need of some gum or regular teeth whitening to ensure that our coffee habit doesn’t give us a yellow grin.  Subliminally reinforcing the message about dental healthcare in Coffee Shops using branded coffee cups to deliver the BUPA Dental message directly into the hands of the city professionals who can afford a private, convenient service like this is perfectly timed to generate the most impact.  And to top it off, 50% of takeaway coffee cups end up on a desk in the office where the cup sits on a desk and inspires topical conversation in the workplace.

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BUPA Dental Coffee Cup Advertising