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13th Aug 2013

It can be incredibly difficult when it comes to making decisions about the health of a loved one, particularly when it comes to choosing the right care home when the time comes.  The choice of media in delivering messages about this type of care generally reflects the need for sensitivity and aims to be as non-intrusive as possible, which is where we come in.

BUPA make use of our pharmacy bags to reach an older audience and their families at a key time when their mind is on health, running over 20 proximity campaigns in our pharmacy network to support their various care homes across the UK. Over the past year, we’ve seen the likes of Saga, Ark and Churchill Homes do the same.

This month, BUPA have taken their venture into bag media a step further by running both pharmacy bags and garden centre bags to support their care home in Newbury.  Garden Centres are one of our more unique estates and ideal for targeting an older, affluent audience where 48% are retired, thereby reaching people at a time of life when their parents are more likely to require some kind of professional care.

The added benefit of using bag media in environments like pharmacies and garden centres is the fact that the bags tend to be taken home and used over and over again.

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