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14th Jan 2015

At Tabletalk, a lot of our environments are food and beverage related as these daily routines offer prime opportunities for brands to inspire curiosity and cut-through.  We shout from the rooftops about Coffee Shops and their effectiveness for reaching ABC1 City Office Workers.  But there is a different type of Café in our portfolio, an unsung hero if you will, the Greasy Spoon.  Unlike the deli counter, these national institutions cater to Tradesmen and sate their mighty appetite for the Bacon Butty and a Full English, the kind of nosh perfect for setting up their busy day ahead.  Even more fitting that brands after a Trade audience can reach these notoriously on-the-go busy bees with messaging on Butty Bags.

If we had to pick two words to describe advertising on Butty Bags, it would be simple and effective.  To resonate, brands tend to pinpoint messages that trace the daily journey of Tradesmen on the road.  Our media fits snugly into that habitual routine as the Bacon Butty is a favourite choice on the menu when it comes to Tradesmen filling their bellies every day.  This is reinforced by the fact that 95% of the Greasy Spoon audience is made up of Tradesmen.

To kick off 2015 with a bang, we have not one, not two, but three trade campaigns live on Butty Bags.  The first is for Tradepoint, yet another in a series of numerous store support campaigns run with us in recent years.  In fact, this campaign is in Bedford and it’s the second time Tradepoint have used Butty Bags to support this particular store.  We then have two new clients in Brandon Hire and RAMS Rope and Marine.

Butty Bags are an extremely versatile format as we’re able to target campaigns within proximity to a postcode, in specified local or regional areas, or deliver on a national scale across the UK.


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