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29th Mar 2017

We all know what a profound impact our senses can have on triggering memories from the past, often long forgotten until we hear a familiar sound, recognise how a particular texture feels to touch, or smell a distinct aroma.  

Life as a kid is often a neverending adventure where our senses are constantly on high alert soaking up all things new and exciting.  And for kids in the UK, the biggest adventure of all happens on holiday where the majority of us Brits flock to the seaside for a break from the humdrum of life.  Nostalgia and seaside holidays go hand in hand.  It’s the wonderful sensation of sand between our toes, the soothing satisfaction of waves breaking rhythmically on the shore, the smell of sea air as it happily fills up our lungs.  Easy to see why seaside holidays are such an integral part of family traditions in Britain and indeed, the world over.

Best of all though are the things that trigger our happy seaside memories when we’re no longer by the sea.  And the most popular of all?  Fish and chips of course!  Another of Britain’s greatest traditions shared by all.  In fact, 8 in 10 of us Brits visit a fish and chips at least once a year with 22% of us treating ourselves every week!  According to the Federation of Fish Fryers, we consume a whopping 382 million portions of fish and chips annually which makes the industry worth £1.2 billion.  The UK is inundated with Takeaway Fish and Chip Stores – the local chippie is a fundamental part of the fabric of British society and a firm favourite with families.

C2C Rail operates train services all along the coast and have invested in a clever tactical ambient media campaign that leverages our natural nostalgic fascination with takeaway fish and chips to inspire commuters to take a trip to the seaside with C2C Rail now that Spring has officially sprung.  The message has been advertised on branded takeaway fish and chip bags distributed in Chippies across East London and West Essex to make everyone aware that the seaside is just an hour away from Fenchurch Street station.  This is the second time C2C have advertised train trips to the seaside using this format and it’s fantastic to see it working so well for them.

Advertising on takeaway fish and chip bags is a clever, cost effective way for brands to get their message directly into the hands of consumers and into their homes.  It’s also an unusual, yet non-intrusive way to grab genuine attention at a time when consumers are relaxed, receptive and indulging in a feel good meal that offers all the positive reinforcement a brand might need to deliver a message that resonates in the right way.


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C2C Trains Fish and Chip Bag Adverts