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17th Jan 2017

When the clock strikes through from the old year into the new there is always an air abuzz with excitement.  We relish the opportunity to toss that worn out old calendar into the bin to make room for the shiny new one that promises a year full of new adventures.  In fact, there is never a more promising time of year and it’s of course an energy that clever brands like C2C Rail capitalise on to great effect.

In fact, their latest Half Price Rail Sale is genius.  While January is known for its icy weather and back to work blues, it’s also known for New Year adventures like bargain hunting at the January sales where retail outlets like intu Lakeside and Westfield Stratford City slash their prices to get rid of leftover stock after the Christmas retail riot.  So what better idea than C2C Rail offering customers along their Southend route half price tickets on train journeys throughout the month of January?  And it’s not just about Essex either, for cash-strapped families looking for ways to entertain the kids and not break the bank, there are also 2for1 vouchers to some of London’s greatest museums and attractions, exclusively available if you travel by train with C2C.  And let’s not forget the fitness fanatics that a new year always inspires – travelling by train opens up all the wonders of the Thames Estuary.

Running a half price rail sale that ties in with a wealth of fantastic promotions isn’t the only clever thing about C2C’s campaign.  They are also promoting the sale on Takeaway Coffee Cups with a tactical advertising campaign targeted along their Southend route into London.  This way they capitalise on the fact that icy weather means commuters are grabbing coffee throughout their day to keep warm and spending an average 18 minutes immersed in that habitual daily experience.  That’s plenty of time to consider C2C’s message, delivered at an intimate moment when the consumer is taking time out, open to persuasion, perhaps even using that time out to ponder on plans and looking for things to do.  Add to the mix the natural pick-me-up and feel-good associated with that everyday caffeine delight and you have consumers naturally and intuitively warming up to the C2C brand at the moment of impact too.

Coffee Cup advertising is a simple, effective way to disrupt the daily journey in a unique and memorable way.  The fact that you can tailor your campaign to suit your particular needs makes it a really versatile option too, especially as Coffee Shops are the heartbeat of local communities across the country.

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