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19th Jul 2016

There is nothing more quintessentially British than a nice battered cod and salted vinegary chips.  It’s the food of family trips to the seaside and a mouth-watering combination that tickles the taste buds long beyond our childhood.  In fact, us Brits eat 382m portions of fish and chips every year – that’s 6 servings for every man, woman and child in the country!  There are over 27m visits to fish and chip shops across the UK every single month.  And if that’s not impressive then the £1.2bn we spend on fish and chips every year will surely astound you.

Eating fish and chips at the seaside is one of our favourite family pastimes and when we’re not on holiday, 56% of families buy fish and chips to take home as a family meal during the week.  To capitalise on the power of nostalgia and trips to the seaside, C2C Trains are targeting families with branded Fish & Chip Bags distributed in outlets positioned strategically along their route between London and Southend.  There are two sets of creative, one in London promoting return trips to the seaside, with another in Southend promoting day trips on the train to London.  The whole premise is to inspire families looking for ways to entertain the kids during the summer holidays.

It’s great to have C2C Trains back with a second campaign, following on from their Coffee Cups in the City to target commuters earlier this year.  Our ambient formats are such an effective way to tap into everyday moments and target niche audiences with clever contextual creative.

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C2C Trains Fish & Chip Bag Advertising