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23rd Mar 2016

Anyone who lives and works in London will know exactly how it feels to contend with the mad rush of commuters travelling into work every morning. For many of us, our only respite is the daily coffee-to-go we treat ourselves to on the walk to the office.  Coffee is a wonderful thing we get to personalise to our heart’s content giving us a fleeting sense of peace before the mania of the working day kicks in.  Whether it’s strong and black, milky and frothy, or flavoured with something sweet, ultimately it’s a morning craving that thousands of Londoners satisfy first thing.

Since 50% of all takeaway ends up on a desk in the office, it’s an ideal way for advertisers targeting their messages on the commute to extend that messaging beyond the station. It’s no longer competing for share of voice either as each cup is delivered directly into the hands of commuters who then spend an average 21mins with their takeaway coffee.  This means plenty of time to consider what you have to say and engage with content while they’re taking a break and have time to spare.

C2C Trains are using Coffee Cups to reach commuters grabbing a coffee-to-go in outlets in proximity to Fenchurch Street Station in the City with activity running from 21st March for 4 weeks.

The campaign was planned and booked through MEC and Kinetic.

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