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1st Feb 2013

Over the last year the Tabletalk Media team has grown considerably. New talent has joined our ranks and our die-hards remain. To put the whole company’s eloquence and grasp of our unique offering to the test, we set a challenge:


“How would you explain our business in an impactful way to someone if fate placed them in an elevator and you only had the time it takes to get from the top of the building to the bottom?”

Brains were racked, keyboards were tapped, and submissions were made. After a lengthy but fair judgement by none other than our MD Lloyd Keisner, the winner was announced:

Well done JESSICA who walked away with a cheque of £100!

This is her entry:


Tabletalk Media is an OOH media owner that specialises in non-traditional, ambient formats that disrupt audiences while they are going about their normal day activities. We quite literally have the power to put messages straight under people’s noses and right into their hands.

Our formats are as varied as the estates we offer them in, but they all have the same objective – quickly get people’s attention in unexpected and memorable ways.

Tablewraps, coffee sleeves, sandwich bags, take-away boxes and pharmacy bags – these are our lead formats but what really sets us apart is the unique and vast estates that we distribute our formats through and therefore the many number of audiences we are able to target.

Coffee shops, greasy spoons, universities, ten pin bowling alleys, motorway service stations and green cross chemists– if you have an audience, we have an alternative media channel to target them. And because of the enormous number of outlets we have access to, we are able to geographically target a very specific audience, all depending on your brief.

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