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8th May 2019

CBD is being touted as a the next big herbal health supplement and is taking the market by storm. According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, the most common uses of CBD oil are in the treatment of anxiety, schizophrenia, nausea, vomiting, epilepsy and inflammation. One of the most incredible applications of CBD is in the management of chronic pain – something which could potentially be life-changing for sufferers of multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other illnesses that before now, experts believed were untreatable. In fact, there is a fascinating article discussing CBD’s ‘rare potential as a medicine’ which is well worth a read (see link at the end of this post).

The primary source is through the agricultural hemp plant which has a negligible amount of THC (just 0.2%) and is totally legal. With so many CBD oil brands now on the market, there is a huge amount of competition making it difficult to grab genuine share of voice. Tabletalk’s network of independent Pharmacies are the ideal environment to deliver a health-related message to the general public. Advertising on branded pharmacy bags means that messages are handed directly into the hands of customers by the pharmacist which only serves to reinforce the impact.

Pharmacy customers are naturally more inclined to read messages on the bag due to the fact that the bags contain their medication, with the majority of pharmacy bags ended up at home where the medication is kept in the bag, often for significant periods of time. This is a great way to ensure that consumers are prompted time and again about your brand in a safe space where they have the time and opportunity to go online and research the product, or give it a try.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how you can bring your brand front of mind in pharmacies across the UK.

See article in The Guardian.

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CBD Oil in Pharmacies