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16th Apr 2024

Coffee isn’t just coffee anymore.  It’s much more than that.​

It’s a status symbol. ​It’s a moment of indulgence.​

And coffee shops are not just places to get coffee.​ For professional people, the coffee shop has become one of the most important parts in their daily routine.​ Just like their attire, their coffee is another way of defining their image.​ Coffee is another piece of their carefully assembled luxury lifestyle.

Charles Tyrwhitt, known for its quality menswear, are running a campaign on our branded takeaway coffee cups.

In bustling urban centres where coffee culture thrives, takeaway coffee cups have become an indispensable part of daily life. People grab their morning brew on the go, clutching these cups as they navigate through busy streets and underground stations, providing an opportunity for Charles Tyrwhitt to weave its brand message into the fabric of urban life!

The placement of these ads is strategic. We partnered with select cafes and coffee shops frequented by the target demographic, ensuring the ads reach the right audience—urban professionals who appreciate quality clothing and are willing to invest in their appearance.

Charles Tyrwhitt are capitalising on this unique opportunity to engage with consumers in a meaningful and memorable way. So the next time you reach for your morning coffee, take a moment to appreciate the subtle yet effective power of coffee cup advertising—right in the palm of your hand.

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