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26th Sep 2017

It’s a funny thing Christmas.  A tradition that brings loved ones together for a bit of jolly bells of holly celebration, copious amounts of food and booze that fill up a day full of giving.  Something the little ones in every family live for.  From leaving cookies out and doing their very best to stay awake in a bid to catch Santa shimmying down the chimney or Rudolf waiting patiently on the roof, to the squeals of delight on Christmas morning as the pitter patter of little feet tear down the stairs to see what Santa left under the tree.  

Whether we live for it or dread it, Christmas is a national obsession and by far the retail industry’s biggest time of year.  In fact, it’s such a crucial part of annual sales revenue that every year the Christmas shopping craze seems to start earlier and earlier with stores promoting deals early to spur a spending fury.  Black Friday first came about in the States with stores offering discounts post-Thanksgiving and it’s something the UK has borrowed with huge success.  In fact, 43% of us have already started our Christmas shopping this year!

UK online sales exceeded £130bn in 2016 fuelled by sales growth on Smartphones which is a 16% increase on the previous year.  The average household spend in the UK far surpassed any other country in the EU with an average £545 on gifting, £257 on food and drink, plus £97 on decorations (research conducted by RetailMeNot, Nov 23 2016).  That’s more than both Italy and Spain’s household expenditure combined!  All this simply works to show how serious us Brits are about Christmas.

With autumn upon us and Black Friday and the Christmas shopping sprees soon to begin, Coffee Shops in key retail locations are the ideal place to target consumers in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind. Allegra Strategies found that 58% of consumers now visit a Coffee Shop as part of their trip to the high street.  You can just imagine frazzled Christmas shoppers having a well earned coffee break having run out of ideas on what to get their niece or nephew and in need of inspiration.  

Place your brand front of mind in Coffee Shops located in key retail areas and you’re able to prompt shopping online direct from their mobile using Tablewrap, perfect for reaching sit down consumers with time on their hands and mobiles naturally on the table.  Or target consumers on the go with your branding on takeaway coffee cups or deli bags delivered directly into their hands at a key moment of ‘me time’ during the day where they’re naturally taking time out. 

Coffee consumers are known to be cash rich ABC1 and prone to indulging in life’s little luxuries – exactly the kind of audience retailers are on the hunt for.  Coffee Shop advertising allows you to cut through the noise created by the highly competitive traditional media options across the daily journey and carve out your own voice in a space you own, reaching consumers in a receptive frame of mind in a relevant everyday way to prompt immediate purchase or drive traffic in store.

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Advertising in Coffee Shops on the High Street for Christmas