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5th Nov 2014

Isn’t it fascinating to think how much you can learn about a person just by what they wear?  We all know students have stereotypes, some of which are particularly amusing thinking back.  The Huffington Post* had a bit of fun with student types, like the Etho-Yah – usually clothed in headscarves, harem pants and anything tie-dye or handmade, constantly begging money from fellow students for the next great cause in Africa.  Or the Gap Yah, generally found in a gap yah hoody, striped pyjama-esque trousers and the oh-so-fashionable leather thong sandals, constantly harping on about all their gap yah experiences.  How about the Surfer?  Nothing but ripped baggy jeans, old flannel shirts, beanies and headphones.  And let’s not forget about the Thespian (usually dressed all in black or period costume), the Student Journo (ensconced in grubby mac) and the Sports Lad/Ladette (never seen in anything but sports kit and flip flops).  And the list goes on..

Despite all the fashion faux-pas on campus, there is an elite crew of budding fashionistas that are a lot more in tune with fashion trends.  This is the audience the Clothes Show Live is after, spreading the word about one of the biggest fashion events of the year.  With a mix of catwalk shows and shopping from vintage to cheap and chic, a good dose of celebs and model scouts, plus music and entertainment on offer, it’s one of those not-to-be-missed events of the year for the young and fashion fab.

The Clothes Show Live is using tablewrap in 9 University Student Unions, all within a reasonable drive time from the NEC in Birmingham, with a campaign live throughout November to promote the event which runs from 5th – 9th December.

The activity was planned and booked by Total Media Connect and Posterscope Manchester.

*The 12 Student Stereotypes by Lucy Sheriff (The Huffington Post).


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