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8th Feb 2017

Everyone knows that it’s a tough life being a student.  All those expensive textbooks and the tech to go with it, tuition fees, travel costs, it all adds up.  And every student budget needs to cater for those nights out on the town soaking up tequilas and causing general nonsense.  It’s a wonder there’s any dosh left at all to pay for food!  Dry toast and Marmite in the back of the cupboard, tins upon tins of baked beans and various other student ‘delicacies’ tucked into the back of the cupboard for those food emergencies.  We’ve all been there.  Well, back in the day when we were students of course!  

These days students have a much more discerning taste when it comes to their grocery shopping.  Possibly down to supermarkets like The Co-op developing better and better ranges at a fraction of the price.  And we don’t have to be a student to love a bit of added value these days.  That’s where the Co-op gets it right as their student membership program offers 5% back when purchasing Co-op products.  #nobrainer indeed.

To promote their student deals in Co-op stores across the country, the Co-op has pinpointed 10 key universities where they are advertising on Tablewraps in the Student Union.  Nothing better than targeting a key food and beverage environment on campus to deliver a message exactly at that hunger pang moment during the day.  Students are often seated at the table in groups for an average 18 minutes at a time.  Their general behaviour whilst at the table usually entails studying or socialising, but both often come hand in hand with eating and drinking too.  Tablewrap puts the Co-op brand in the centre of conversation and acts as a perfectly timed prompt to encourage students to head to the nearest Co-op for their next shop, further incentivised by the fact that they can get discounts with student membership.  And having tablets and phones naturally on the table in direct proximity to the message means that students can sign up as members in minutes whilst they’re sitting at a table.  #nobrainer says it all.

This isn’t the first advertising campaign in Universities for the Co-op either.  Nice to see them back and with fantastic creative to boot.

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The Co-op University Tablewrap Advertising in Student Unions