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14th Dec 2018

CoppaFeel! is a charity aimed at raising awareness around breast cancer with campaigns designed to educate and remind young people in the UK to have a little fun getting to know their boobs as it could literally save their life. Their mission is a serious one, but their focus on young people – the only charity in the UK to focus on this demographic – means that they tend to take a light-hearted approach in a bid to engage and empower young people to pay attention to their message about taking care of their health and spotting the signs early.

Having already run a campaign on branded pharmacy bags spreading the word about cancer awareness in Pharmacies – an ideal environment considering everyone’s minds are naturally on health – CoppaFeel! came back with a second burst of activity. This time targeted in Manchester with branded pharmacy bags distributed in 250 Pharmacies throughout the Greater Manchester area over a period of 4 weeks.

Research was conducted to gain insight into the opinions of the pharmacists who were responsible for delivering the CoppaFeel! message directly into the hands of customers collecting their prescription medication. We wanted to gauge the pharmacists’ level of confidence in discussing breast related issues and their general awareness of the CoppaFeel! brand. With a sample of 80 randomly selected pharmacies, pharmacists were sent a questionnaire to fill out with all 80 pharmacists agreeing to take part.

The findings were really interesting. 62% of pharmacists see the branded bags as a ‘great idea’, while 19% feel that distributing messages on branded pharmacy bags is ‘brilliant’ and 16% feel that the mechanism is ‘innovative’. 39% of the pharmacists surveyed believe that the media is ‘eye-catching’ and 45% believe that it is successful in ‘spreading awareness’. When it came to starting genuine conversations around breast cancer as a result of the CoppaFeel! message on the pharmacy bags, 57% of pharmacists said yes.

80% of pharmacists hadn’t heard about CoppaFeel! before the campaign. The same percentage feel comfortable about talking about breast cancer awareness, but did admit that it can be difficult to start the conversation and that the branded pharmacy bags and posters in-store help with this. The rest felt that more information about breast cancer and how to check your boobs for signs would be helpful in their role going forward. A few pharmacists reported having conversations about breast cancer with men for the first time. So all in all, a really successful campaign and even more reason to invest in pharmacy bag advertising to spread awareness on a local level in communities across the UK.

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CoppaFeel! Pharmacy Bag Advertising Campaign