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30th Aug 2023

Every day, people are diagnosed with Crohn’s or Colitis, the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease. You could be any age, rich or poor, of any faith or none, of any ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. You could be anyone walking down any UK street. Whoever you are, a diagnosis of Crohn’s or Colitis will be life changing.

Since 1979, Crohn’s & Colitis UK has been here for everyone affected by Crohn’s and Colitis. They campaign to break taboos, drive pioneering research and bring people together to improve lives.

The ‘Cut the Crap’ campaign featured Tabletalk Media’s Washrooms Panels located in pub toilets. The posters are designed to draw attention to stomach pain, diarrhoea and blood in poo which can all be signs of Crohn’s and Colitis. The message encourages people to take 30 seconds to check their symptoms and find out what they should do next.

Delivering a sensitive message in an appropriate environment and at a relevant time is the best way to ensure engagement and is at the centre of everything we do.

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