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14th Jan 2016

The promise of a new year often inspires change, whether it’s resolving to give up the usual excesses we’ve gorged out on over the festive season, or hitting the gym with renewed energy to keep fit. For those inspired to take up a new challenge and find a fresh perspective to keep them motivated, it’s also a key time of year for a change in career.  This explains why CV Library is back with a second burst of Coffee Cup activity live this week.

Where CV Library ran their activity in London only towards the end of last year, this time they have extended the targeting into London, Reading, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. There are 280 outlets in total with the activity running for 2 weeks from the 11th of January.

The timing is perfect, planting the seed with city workers grabbing their morning coffee on the way into the office every day.

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