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22nd Jun 2016

Allegra’s Project Café Report 2016 predicts that the UK Coffee market will break the 30,000 outlet barrier by 2025 and break through the £15bn sales bracket within the next 10 years, all of this driven by a nation of coffee connoisseurs.  In fact, there is Cafeconomy research released in May this year that talks about the fact that 63% of these coffee connoisseurs now prefer their takeaway coffee fix in independent Coffee Shops.  And to top it off, 51% of these consumers would like to see the number of independent outlets grow whilst just 3% are interested in seeing the number of chains increase.  All of this points towards a growing trend reflective of a change in consumer taste – we are now much savvier about the services we receive and we’re interested in things that offer us a sense of personalisation and premium.

To tie in with changing trends in Coffee Shops, a couple of years ago we launched our fully branded Coffee Cups which give the messaging standout with a premium quality look and feel.  It’s a format that CV Library have invested in a number of times recently to get their brand directly into the hands of busy SME’s on the go.  So it made perfect sense that we’d extend this thinking into the launch of a more premium takeaway bag format, the handled Deli Bag, ideal for reaching SME’s grabbing a quick sandwich or salad to eat at their desk.

With a UK workforce busier than ever before, mealtimes are increasingly being neglected and it has created a huge demand for convenient food that can be eaten quickly.  Only 1 in 5 people take their full hour lunch break which means the average lunch break in Britain today is just 29mins.  A whopping 91% of takeaway bags end up on a desk in the office where there is a perfect opportunity to engage with content online whilst taking a well-deserved break from a frantic working day.

The Deli Bag is a simple yet effective way for brands to immerse themselves into the everyday routine of SME’s across the country, but most importantly to disrupt these everyday moments and capitalise on lunch breaks, exactly the kind of time during our busy day where we’re likely to get our everyday life admin done.  We might be having a miserable time and looking to change a career and coffee breaks and lunch breaks are exactly the kind of free time we have during the day to consider a change and investigate our options online.

CV Library is live this week with a combination of Coffee Cups and Deli Bags.  It’s the perfect way to dominate daily break times and reach SME’s at different times across the day when they have the time to engage without distraction.  The campaign is running in a number of key cities across the country.

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