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20th Sep 2016

It’s a tough life being a student.  All of a sudden we have to fend for ourselves, learn how to cook, rouse ourselves from bed, take ourselves to lectures, as well as make do on a measly budget.  It’s like the world is conspiring against us.  All the clever stuff is exhausting enough without the thought of entering the world of work.  But whatever happens, it’s our experiences during these formative years as we venture into adulthood that shape us into the people we’re destined to become.  And for all the studying and the partying, working part-time jobs is part and parcel of what it means to be a student.

Brands like CV Library understand that students are a generation of trend setters, innovators and early adopters.  These youngsters have their first taste of financial freedom and independence.  They are heavily influenced by their peers and still deciding which brands to invest in long term.  So if you’re able to empower students with knowledge, offer them something valuable and inspire positive conversation among friends, it’s a pretty potent recipe for developing loyal advocates for the brand early on.

CV Library is well renowned as a recruitment specialist and offers a wealth of graduate roles to kick start careers.  But the genius of their University Tablewrap campaign lies in a message tailored for the part time jobs on offer.  These roles are the lifeblood of students as they support themselves throughout their studies.  If these students can rely on CV Library to supply them with roles to suit them early on, it’s highly likely that CV Library will become their go-to resource for those all-important full time roles come graduation.

By advertising on Tablewraps in the Student Union, CV Library put their brand in the centre of conversation on campus where students are studying and socialising together.  It’s the perfect prompt to grab attention and drive genuine response.

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