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22nd Sep 2015

Coffee, the daily grind we know so well, has propelled the working masses into overdrive ever since the smoky aroma hit British shores and captured our imagination centuries ago.  Coffee houses sprung up first as gathering places used for deep discussion on topics both religious and political.  Today, they remain social hubs serving local communities across the country, but in the city these venues cater primarily to working professionals looking for a convenient space to work and play on the go.

In the UK, Coffee Shops are widely seen as that third place between home and office, a unique environment that caters to a multitude of needs where business and leisure naturally and conveniently coincide.  The increase in anytime, anywhere work patterns has had a massive impact on the coffee industry.  We now have a mobile workforce notoriously difficult to engage, busier than ever and constantly on the move.

CV Library has rightly identified Coffee Shops as the ideal space to reach professionals taking a break from their busy working day.  Grabbing a coffee on the way into the office or heading out for a coffee during the day is the kind of ‘me time’ when we have the opportunity to think about changing career or researching job opportunities online.  Coffee Cups are a one-to-one communication delivered directly into the hands of consumers who spend an average 21 minutes with their takeaway coffee, plenty of time for a message to resonate and disrupt our everyday routine.

CV Library are running their activity in 130 Coffee Shops across London for a month from the 14th of September.

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