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29th Nov 2017

My Friend Charlie is an alternative to dating apps that promises to banish awkward first dates and panics about who pays the bill. Targeted at Londoners in their 30s and 40s who want fun not fickle, membership is free and once signed up, you can buy tickets to events that take your fancy. This might be gin tasting, paddle boarding or a boozy brunch – there is literally something to suit every personality.

Modern day dating can be tough and for those of us fed up with swiping right to find Mr / Mrs Right, My Friend Charlie is set to transform the way Londoners meet. Old fashioned ways are back in favour and it’s all about meeting like-minded people at stress-free events tailored to suit you. The goal is to provide people with similar interests an opportunity to meet in a social environment. Profiles aren’t shared beforehand so there aren’t any preconceived swipe right or left notions beforehand, you simply enjoy a great night out and share your story and your number only if you feel a connection in person.

To reach potential singles, My Friend Charlie is advertising on branded beer mats in Pubs across London. Not only are pubs a notorious spot for date nights, it’s exactly the kind of social environment that singles might be on the lookout. Plus beer mats sit on the table in direct proximity to mobile phones when consumers have plenty of down time on their hands to prompt sign up online. And placement on the table is the perfect conversation starter. An extremely cost effective medium, beer mats are the ideal channel of choice for a brand like My Friend Charlie.

To add a bit of fun and excitement to the campaign, My Friend Charlie has made the most of the multiple beer mat designs available to them. There are up to 5 different designs available at no extra cost when you run a campaign on beer mats in Pubs which offers huge opportunity for brands to get creative and make an impact to drive engagement online or on social media in the best possible way.

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My Friend Charlie Beer Mat Advertising in Pubs