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10th Mar 2014

Who’s up for a bit of witty banter then? Thought so. Fancy having a place we can congregate of an evening to indulge in all the quirky, random, brain-stretching, sometimes infuriating fun we could ever imagine. Step in Dave TV and Bob’s your uncle. Although in this case it’s Dara O’Briain with his ‘School of Hard Sums’ which takes a host of comedians on a journey through the realms of pure logic – ok, so comedians aren’t the best mathematicians but boy do they try!

To support the launch of the 3rd series, Dave TV decided to play a game of Out Smart the Pizza using none other than.. wait for it.. our pizza boxes! Anyone know what the maximum number of slices (they don’t have to be the same shape or size) that a pizza can be cut into using 3 straight lines? Hmm.. this kept the office busy for hours!

Dave TV are running the campaign in 100 outlets using 50,000 pizza boxes aimed at getting their message into the homes of 16-34 year old males at a key TV choice moment and reminding them to tune in to the new Dara O’Briain series. On launch day they also took part in some PR activity where pizza was delivered in branded boxes to key newsrooms all over London. We even had Dara O’Briain himself re-tweet about it to his 1.66 million followers.

The campaign was planned by Rocket and booked through Talon.

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