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4th Oct 2023

Dexcom’s decision to advertise on pharmacy bags is a strategic move that aligns with their mission to improve the lives of individuals living with diabetes. It’s hard to put into words the difference this kind of technology can make to someone living with diabetes, and to the people that love them.

By having a system that actively measures glucose 24 hours a day and proactively alerts of any unwanted changes, Dexcom can help stop the fear of hypos and hypers. Instead, enabling people to actively avoid them, all without the need for annoying finger-pricks!   Real-time makes a real difference.

Pharmacy bags provide a highly targeted and captive audience. In fact, the average pharmacy has over 1,000 customers with at least one long term health condition. Therefore, when someone picks up their prescription medications, they’re more likely to be interested in regular monitoring for conditions such as diabetes.

By placing ads on pharmacy bags, Dexcom ensures that their message reaches people who are already invested in managing their health, making it more likely to resonate with them. Moreover, pharmacy bags serve as a constant reminder of Dexcom’s products. Unlike traditional advertising channels that people may easily forget, these bags are typically used daily, reinforcing brand awareness and encouraging potential customers to consider Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring solutions.

This campaign is a win-win-win. By leveraging the power of pharmacy bags, Dexcom are not only raising awareness about their life-changing products but also supporting pharmacists to improve their customers lives whilst helping individuals to manage their health effectively.

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