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19th Dec 2023

The Department for Transport’s Think! Drink Drive campaign is running on beer mats in 500 pubs nationally from now until New Year’s eve. Timed to reach people at a crucial moment—when they’re contemplating their next drink – it reaches not just habitual drinkers but also occasional ones who might find themselves in situations where a split-second decision regarding driving under the influence needs to be made.

But it’s not just individual’s decisions the campaign aims to influence. By using the thought-provoking slogan “A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive” the beer mats aim to tap in to a collective conscience within groups of friends. The mats highlight red flags to listen for, such as “It’s only down the road” and “I don’t feel drunk” to serve as a sobering reminder of the potential consequences of driving under the influence, urging mates to reconsider their choices before taking the wheel after consuming alcohol.

One of the campaign’s standout features is its ability to communicate a powerful message in a concise space and, the campaign’s placement within social settings where alcohol is served ensures the timing of its exposure is spot on. The Think! Drink Drive campaign has the ability to evoke a sense of responsibility and consciousness among social groups to prevent drink driving incidents and keep the roads safer for everyone.

The beer mats will run from 18th – 31st December over the key Christmas and New Year period.

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