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21st Mar 2024

The NHS, major charities such as CRUK and ‘Big Pharma’ companies such as Astellas regularly uses our pharmacy network to run disease awareness campaigns, reaching those most at-risk with messages about health in a sensitive, yet impactful way.

The bags feature a number of creative executions such as “Feel like you always need to pee?”. “Persistent cough or breathlessness?” or “2 in 3 smokers will die too soon, unless they quit” encouraging people to take action or present to their GP if they have noticed any change which is not normal or is not going away.

Early diagnosis of disease means better outcomes, as treatment is more likely to be successful. By using pharmacy bags we are ensuring that this vitally important message is delivered directly into the hands of people by trusted pharmacists, prompting them to mention any concerns they may have. Research shows that 82% of people are more likely to engage with such information if they receive it in a healthcare environment.

Our independent pharmacy network provides a captive audience which are reached in a relevant environment and at an appropriate time. These ingredients combine to make pharmacy bags a highly effective call to action.

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