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7th May 2017

Technology has transformed the way we do business.  Cloud storage means that we now have access to virtually anything, anywhere 24 hours a day.  Whether it’s logging into a business network from home, working on the plane while travelling on business, or using a local Coffee Shop to catch up on emails, call a colleague or run through a presentation before meeting with a client, we have a mind-boggling amount of freedom to connect, communicate and share information online.  

On the flip side, the more freedom we allow online, the higher the associated risk.  Security has become a major concern for businesses, particularly with global organisations sharing highly confidential data a multitude of ways across the world at any moment in time.  Drooms is an innovator in the digital space helping businesses digitise deal processes and document management as they facilitate a move away from traditional physical data rooms to secure virtual data rooms.  Whether it’s streamlining due diligence on deals, bringing assets to market faster to better capitalise on opportunities, managing secure and efficient document flow to boardrooms, or protecting your company IP through secure document access, virtual data rooms offer businesses a wealth of benefits.

Knowing that streamlining coffee is a fundamental part of everyday business survival, not to mention Coffee Shops forming a habitual part of our everyday business routine, Drooms cleverly advertised their services to business decision makers in the City of London using branded Takeaway Coffee Cups.  In a busy city where many of us are desensitised to the messaging on our commute, advertising on Coffee Cups is a great way for brands to grab genuine attention at a moment when consumers are naturally more inclined to take notice.  Considering we spend an average 18 minutes with our daily takeaway coffee and 60% of these end up on a desk in the office where there is the opportunity to influence a business audience in a relevant business environment, Coffee Cups can be an incredibly effective alternative to traditional outdoor advertising.

Drooms also cleverly incorporated a tear off coupon into the creative giving consumers the ability to tear off their business details as if they were taking a business card.

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Drooms Takeway Coffee Cup Advertising in London