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10th Nov 2019

With technology catapulting modern business into a world where fast, secure data transfer is more important than ever before, companies like Duo who specialise in data security are vital for big business. All the more reason why a powerhouse like Cisco would partner with a data security expert like Duo. And why Duo would be quick to target the city corporate crowd with a campaign to spread the partnership news in Coffee Shops and Cafes across London’s Square Mile and Canary Wharf.

Considering the fact that our addiction to data consumption is as strong our caffeine inclination, it makes perfect sense that Duo would pick branded coffee cups as the prime format to engage with city workers in London’s finance and technology hubs as they grab their everyday coffee fix on the go. 

Flexible work policies and an ever-increasing mobile workforce means that more and more city corporates are encouraging staff to work on the go – with the ‘coffice’ or coffee shop office the go-to alternative work space. 

Advertising on branded coffee cups gives Duo the ability to tightly target their key demographic in a creative, insightful and timely way. That everyday coffee fix is habitual and essential – just like Duo’s secure tech – seamlessly protecting the sanity of a big business world that never sleeps.

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Duo Security Branded Coffee Cups