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13th May 2014

There is nothing we like more than brands that come back as it’s a huge endorsement for our media.  This time it’s the Department for Work and Pensions.  Last year, they spread the word about the Workplace Pensions Scheme using sandwich bags to reach workers all over the UK.

This time, DWP are using both sandwich bags and coffee sleeves to spread the same message, although this time extending their reach and targeting both the grab-a-morning-coffee-on-the-go audience and the grab-a-sandwich-to-takeaway type, covering all the bases.  The campaign is live from 12th – 25th May and targeted in 500 Sandwich Bars and 170 Coffee Shops nationally.

One of the great things about takeaway media is the fact that your message is hand delivered direct to the audience you’re after.  You also benefit from extended dwell time as people tend to spend 21 minutes on average with their morning coffee and 11 minutes with their sandwich for lunch.  Add to that the fact that 50% of takeaway coffee and 91% of sandwich bags end up on a desk in the office, it’s easy to see why DWP specifically chose our formats to spread the word about pensions.

The campaign was planned and booked by Manning Gottlieb, M4C and Kinetic.

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