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2nd Apr 2014


One of the best things about technology is its ability to drive innovation and operating in such a dynamic, competitive industry means that brands are constantly looking to think outside the box in order to create curiosity and cut-through for their campaigns. We live in an ‘always on’ world where mobile is increasingly becoming a vital portal into the online experience. 

Brands like eBay fully appreciate the power of mobile and have been working with Tabletalk to create a media first in Coffee Shops specifically harnessing NFC technology. Retail has traditionally been in-store or online, but through Tablewrap in Coffee Shops an online brand like eBay is able to achieve a high street presence. NFC integration takes this a step further by creating a virtual point of sale, a way for eBay to seamlessly link the offline and online experience for the consumer in an innovative, impactful way.

The Spring Campaign is live throughout April in 60 premium Coffee Shops across the country promoting eBay’s Home and Garden, DIY and Technology offering. eBay have made clever use of multiple NFC tags per table giving consumers instant access to a range of mobile-optimised content online. An environment like Coffee Shops is unique; a space where business and leisure coincide giving brands the perfect opportunity to impact consumers while they’re relaxed with time on their hands. The reason Tablewrap is so well suited to NFC has to  do with the extended dwell time it offers and the fact that phones are naturally on the table in direct proximity to the creative.

Through NFC, eBay has positioned itself as a brand at the forefront of innovation and technology, transporting consumers seamlessly between the offline and online world, whilst generating valuable insight and ROI through the measurability this type of technology affords.  The creative includes both NFC and QR to ensure that consumers without NFC-enabled phones are still able to access the content.

NFC tags and backend analytics supplied by TapNow.

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