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2nd Jul 2013

As kids we all live in a make-believe world driven by imagination playing the parts of pirates, superheroes, treasure hunters and knights in shining armour.  It’s no wonder then that the desire to escape into another time and place full of intrigue, twisted schemes and crossed allegiances never really leaves us.  We go from childhood fantasies to immersing ourselves in books about adventure and TV dramas like ‘Game of Thrones’.

Welcome dear friends, the time has come…  Prepare for battle; prepare for glory; prepare for an epic new hero!  Quercus imprint Heron Books has just released the first in a series of three novels by James Heneage, ‘The Walls of Byzantium’ which is set in the decades leading up to the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453.  The clash of empires is brought to life through a plot woven around four families whose intense passions and intricate schemes are played out on an epic scale.

We were tasked with reaching an audience of 30+ male historical/adventure fiction readers in an innovative, impactful way.  Considering the natural fit between our long dwell time coffee culture environment and books, we took things a step further and presented a media first for the UK publishing sector.  Coffee cups offer a premium look and feel, a bigger creative space to play with and the opportunity to hand-deliver your message.

Quercus are running the campaign from 1st July in 80 coffee shops targeting key areas in London, the South East and South West, along with chapter samplers and posters to achieve stand-out in store.  A bespoke competition page has also been created online where anyone interested can win one of 25 signed copies of the book by entering online or via QR.

The campaign was booked through Total Media and Posterscope.

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