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18th Nov 2016

The European Bartender School (EBS) is the world’s leading bartender school and has trained over 50,000 professional bartenders from around the globe over the last 17 years.  There are over 25 EBS bartending schools located in fantastic locations from Phuket to Barcelona to Sydney and more.  We all know that students split their time between studying and socialising with bar hopping high on the agenda.  We also know that purse strings are generally tight and it’s often that case that students end up having to work part time jobs or starve.  Bartending is by far one of the most popular student vocations and it’s even more obvious why when you consider the fact that bartending is a skill that you can use pretty much anywhere in the world – perfect for the avid explorers, year out roamers and students that backpack of course.

When it comes to marketing your brand to an audience that gets inundated by messages all day, every day we know that there is a tendency for consumers to switch off.  This obviously creates a dilemma as not all our marketing efforts generate the kind of attention or inspire the kind of action we’re after.  This is compounded even more when it comes to reaching today’s youth as they are savvier and more discerning than any generation before.  This is where clever creatives come to the fore.  And with the Tabletalk portfolio all about non-traditional formats designed to disrupt the everyday journey in unusual ways, we get especially excited when brands go over and above the norm with a creative that is tailored and totally in tune with one of our unique formats.  More often than not it’s Tablewrap that gets creatives boxing clever and every year there’s a brand that stands out creatively.  This time it’s the European Bartender School!

Targeted across 14 Universities across the UK, EBS are advertising on Tablewrap in the Student Union to reach groups of students studying or socialising together whilst they have time on their hands to explore what EBS is all about online.  Considering Tablewrap puts the EBS message directly in the centre of conversation where it simply can’t be missed, plus students are seated for an average 20 minutes at a time with mobile devices naturally on the table in direct proximity to the message, it’s a format that truly delivers impact and inspires conversation and consideration around the brand.  EBS have capitalised on the unique placement of the advertising too by using a fantastic creative design with things like a notepad with a margarita cocktail recipe, earphones, photos and cocktail making tools with a drink all incorporated into the design to look as if they’re sitting on the table.  It’s a really clever and engaging use of the media.  And to top it off EBS have integrated social with a call to action encouraging students to share a foodie photo having their lunch on the EBS table design on Instagram to be in with a chance to win a bartending course.  Sounds right up student street to me!

The campaign was planned and booked through Media Agency Group.

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