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16th Jun 2016

While there are morning people that seem to wake up with lightning bolts of energy, there are many more of us who find it infernally painful when the alarm clock rudely breaks into our snuggle fest, setting off a cacophony of snoozed alarms that simply can’t seem to rouse us into any semblance of wakefulness.  It takes a humongous effort to physically wrench ourselves from bed and initiate yet another get-ready-for-work ritual.  In fact, for many it’s another ritual, the morning mainline of caffeine that simply has to be done before we can even contemplate setting about our day to day tasks.  And for those of us who have to cope with the mattress from hell – too hard, too soft, springs like daggers in the back preventing us from a restful sleep – mornings can be even more of a nightmare!

Eve firmly believes that every great day starts the night before.  Going against the grain of an industry that too often sells mattresses through expensive stores at massively inflated prices, Eve have created a mattress that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.  No springs attached, a fair price and there’s even a 100 night trial so savvy siesta savers have time to genuinely make up their mind on whether Eve fulfils all its promises.

With a brand so confident in its product, it’s no surprise that Eve have taken the trial concept even further with a pop up at the Old Truman Brewery inviting young entrepreneurs, start-ups and coffee shop office types the chance to recharge in one of their nap pods at the Eve Nap Station, the perfect café-come-workspace!  Eve are using branded Coffee Cups to sate the need for caffeine of anyone who pops in for a power nap during the day, whilst also spreading the word with Coffee Cups in trendy artisan Coffee Shops across Shoreditch to drive footfall to the event.  Who knew mattresses could be so cool?!  I know I’m a huge fan of that #evesleepfeeling!

Check out Eve’s Nap Station at Shop 11, Dray Walk, London E16QL from Thursday 16th June – Sunday 10th July.

The campaign was booked through Eve and Mission Media.

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