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24th Apr 2015

You’d be surprised.  While a sandwich might sound like the least exciting of options available near the office, it is in fact the most popular lunch choice in Britain.  CityAM have released a couple of tasty articles on our lunchtime food of choice this week based on info that Lurpak has collected on a sample of office workers in the UK.

It’s not just any old sandwich that makes our bellies do a rumble-tumble – cheese is in fact the master of our lunchtime palate.  If it’s not cheese, it’ll be ham, closely followed by chicken.  Take all that into account and you’ll be even more impressed to know that the UK spends a staggering £7.5bn on sandwiches every year.  In fact, 3 in 10 of the cheese fans out there choose to have exactly the same sandwich every single day of the week and have done this for an average 4 and a half years.  That works out to almost 1,000 cheesy sandwiches in a row!  What about salad you ask?  Why it’s fourth of course, ahead of yet another sandwich.

You might think this sounds like this is a séance to the sandwich!  Well, in a way, it is.  Sandwiches might not be the most exciting of food choices, but they are by far the most popular and regularly consumed lunch choice for city workers across the country.  We love the sandwich so much we even gave it a National Week (runs 11th – 17th May).

Sandwich Bags are a simple, effective way to get your brand into the hands of these consumers and capitalise on a daily lunch or snack moment when minds are relaxed and receptive.  They are also an extremely versatile format, ideal for localised, regional or national targeting.  Blanket an entire city or run some store support in a key location, whatever way you use them, it’s a guaranteed message delivered directly into the hands of hungry consumers.

Funny that.  All this talk about sandwiches has made me decidedly peckish.  I wonder what it’ll be this time.  Let’s go wild – cheese and ham!

*Source CityAM and Lurpak

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