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10th Jan 2020

Most of us will have at least one family member who needs a helping hand with their daily lives. Whether they are suffering from long term health conditions, disabilities, or perhaps our most elderly family members who need a little help to remember their usual routine. 

To worry if those family members are OK when we aren’t there lending a hand is a feeling familiar to many of us.  

With this in mind, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service are running a pharmacy bag campaign promoting a free ‘Safe and Well’ visit to install smoke alarms in domestic homes and to check on existing alarms to ensure that they are safe. Giving peace of mind to the vulnerable residents of the properties as well as the family members and carers.

Pharmacy bags are particularly effective at reaching the elderly and more vulnerable members of society, as well as their carers and family members. The bags are placed directly into the hands of this audience and taken back to the home, where the message on the bag can be discussed and acted upon. So whilst we’re asking Grandma if she has remembered to take her tablets we can ring the hotline number to book a free visit from Fire Brigade.

Then put the kettle on.


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